Saturday, March 20, 2010

17,000 teachers were pink slipped in our state yesterday. Now schools must struggle to find classrooms for some 425,000 or more students who lost a teacher. I know at least one of Dill Pickle's teacher got a slip. I've even heard that next year his classroom won't exist due to budget cuts. He's in a state Pre-School for All classroom. His school district and many, many others have not received their money from the state to help with education. I am hopeful that he will still have some classroom to go to in the fall, afterall he has an IEP that mandates he is in a classroom. But our school district is the largest in the state and they try to get away with "bending" the rules. Dill Pickles and I will not be bent or broken. He will not fall between the cracks. I will not let him.

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